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Greenlight Analysis of One Project

$ 1,450.00 $ 2,500.00

Producer’s Initial Greenlight Package:


Analysis of Completeness of Package

  • Production Team and Production Plan
  • Distribution and/or Marketing Team, if any
  • Rebates, if any, and state of application, if any
  • Producer’s Statement
  • Director’s Statement

Five Comparable Pictures Return on Investment (ROI) Reports

  • Detailing global markets, including SVOD/VOD (on pictures released after 2010), as well as incomes and fees and estimated library value of film.
  • A list of key parameters of Comparable Films effectively chosen
  • What can be known from the success or lack thereof of these titles?
  • What Key Metrics, as well as Averages and Medians appear?

Brief Analysis of Treatment or Script

Does it seem to jibe with Producer’s and/or Director’s Statements submitted.

Target Audience, in Brief

Who is the target audience?  Can we reasonably ascertain key demographic outlines, by age, gender and other demographic signals. Does the story and treatment jibe with what is known about that audience, from exit interviews, other audience studies, social positioning, or other industry and marketing signals? Does it jibe with the Comparable Pictures Analysis? Can they stand together?

Pass/No Pass

  • Would the project pass inspection to go to Full Financial Analysis?
  • If not pass, what cures should be attempted by the Producer(s)?
  • What recommended level of cures of the project are needed before even accepting to analyze the project again?

One Hour of Phone Consulting, Walking Team Through Report

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