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Indie Horror Special FilmProfit ROI Reports Package of 5

$ 275.00 $ 599.75

The Original ROI Reports now with Video on Demand estimates (on titles with a post-2010 release). Refined over the course of 20+ years, these estimates are hand-analyzed and compiled by a single analyst. Choose from a single title, or for a more complete picture of your potential for ROI, choose One, Five, Ten or Twenty or more titles.

Product Description

Please SEE our list of Available Titles. Titles not on this list are likely Custom Reports, available at an upcharge. If you do not see your target titles, please visit our Contact Page and let us know the films you would like reports on, and we will let you know if we have them, or they are indeed custom reports, and the costs.


  • Release Date
  • Maximum Screens
  • Prints and Ads
  • Box Office
  • Rentals (from Box Office)
  • Home Video
    • VHS (where applicable)
    • DVD (where applicable)
    • Blu-ray (where applicable)
  • Domestic Ancillaries (TV, etc.)
  • Video on Demand
  • Domestic ROI
  • Foreign Box Office
  • Foreign Home Video
  • Foreign Ancillaries (TV, etc.)
  • Total Global Revenue
  • Library Value
  • Global ROI

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